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Success at Work

3 Mindset Hacks That Will Boost Your Success at Work


Hey there! You feeling SUPERCHARGED yet today? If not, don't fret...because we've got the PERFECT blog post that will help you achieve success at work and turn those low vibrations into unstoppable motivation.

Community is everything. You're in charge of making your own and having an unforgettable impact.

Today, we sat down with SUPERCHARGED Project Manager, Chelsey Hett. And even though Chelsey is currently rocking that Santa Monica, CA lifestyle effortlessly, that wasn't always the case. Growing up in a MEGA small town in North Dakota where farming and living next door to your school principal was the norm, Chelsey learned something important from a young age: community is everything. You're in charge of making your own and having an unforgettable impact.

Click on the video above for all the deets in her own words. But, for the TLDR version, Chelsey reminds us that thinking of your workplace as a community can be the growth mindset key you've been missing to unlock your potential. Don't believe us? Read more about Chelsey's 3 mindset hacks below to start your career #GLOWUP today.

3 Mindset Tips That Improved Chelsey's Success at Work

1) Pride

For Chelsey, pride is a driving factor. Pride in her work. Pride in her community. And pride in herself.

When she looks at her workplace as a community, she wants to work to contribute to their success, not against it. So how does she do that? By taking ALL the pride in her work, and NEVER settling for less than 100%.

Can you say the same about yourself? Are you proud of your team? Do you think of them as a community that you're proud to serve?

If not, it might be time to reassess. Ask yourself, "How can I connect better with my colleagues so that I willingly put my heart and soul into this community?" And if you can't think of any answers, it might be time to make some SUPERCHARGED changes in your work life and social circle. (And don't worry, we'll give you an insider tip on how to do just that below.)

2) Attitude

As Chelsey describes perfectly, attitude is everything, especially in the workplace. Whether you're in a leadership role or not, your attitude matters. It's ask yourself: what are you spreading to your community lately--good vibes or self-obsessed negativity?

Remember...your attitude can make you or break you. It's what can stand between you and that shiny promotion or you and that important networking connection. So every now and then, take a deep breath and do an attitude check-in. Would you want to be surrounded by your vibe right now, or should you adjust and start fresh?

3) Value

Excuse us, but do you know that you SHINE? That's right, Boost Friend. We know you might be here for a #GlowUp, but all of that starts with recognizing your worth right in the HERE and NOW just as you are.

Stop the negative self-talk. Stop wondering if you're contributing to your team's efforts. And instead, just know it. Start keeping track of your wins and patting yourself on the back. Know that your work community wouldn't be the same without you...and own it.

Just like a beautiful puzzle, the picture won't look the same without you in it. So stop questioning it and start celebrating it. You deserve it.

Time to Take Action!

Now that you've got the three mindset hacks to SUPERCHARGED success...what are you waiting for? If you're up for this SUPERCHARGED challenge, then click the button below for access to our #ThisWeekIWill Boost Worksheet and IG story template. Because there's no better way to stay accountable for your actions and personal growth than with a game plan. Congrats, you're just a couple of questions away from SUPERCHARGED success!


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Ciao for now!

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