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Find your Passion

How To Find Your Passion In Your 9 to 5


If you're a SUPERCHARGED regular, then perhaps you've heard Kwanza say, "You can't pay for passion." Today, our SUPERCHARGED team member, Tanina Obasi, is going to tell you all about why she lives and breathes this piece of advice.

Let's be #Real for a sec. Maybe when you hear the word passion, you think, "Ok, I get it. I have to like my job and be passionate about it...Like I haven't heard that advice before...THANK U, NEXT!"

But in episode 6 of Successful at SUPERCHARGED, Tanina takes on passion in a whole new way. For her, passion isn't a choice, it's a #Lifestyle.

Are you ready to fact-check the way you've been looking at passion? Grab a pen and paper, then read all about the three ways Tanina makes sure passion is alive in her work life. Together we'll see if you're doing the same.

Passion: It's 3 Fold


1) Be Passionate About Your Mission

As you probably already know, every job should be more than just reporting to work on a 9-5 basis. Every company has its own unique mission. What mission does your workplace preach? And better yet, are they sticking to it?

Maybe your workplace's mission is to create sustainable materials that will boost the environment. Or maybe your company pledges to create joy with positive posts and content.

Whatever it is, it's time to ask yourself two questions:

1) Does this company's mission align with my passion and my values?

2) Is this mission actually being carried out, or is there too much office BS getting in the way?

If you gave a resounding YES to either of these questions, pick up that pen and paper as we mentioned earlier, and give yourself a passion point. If not, test out Tanina's next two passion points, and keep track of how you score.

We'll check back in with you real soon.

2) Be Passionate About the People

"Love the one you're with." For Tanina, this is a saying that goes far beyond her personal life; this applies to her work environment too.

In the words of Tanina, "If you can't go to work and be yourself, then you can't be your best self at work." So why report to a place day after day where the people make you feel inferior, incompetent, or anything less than the amazing person that you are?

It's time for our next passion point question. Ask yourself: If you weren't working with these people, would you still make room for them in your life?  If the answer is yes, jot down another tally point. If not, don't worry; we've still got one more passion point left.

3) Be Passionate About the Way Your Work Elevates You and Your Audience

"If we wouldn't watch it, we won't post it." Powerful words from our content team #boss, don't you think? More importantly, when Tanina says that, she means it. She wants SUPERCHARGED to leave the world (and herself) better than before. So the passion point question is: How does your workplace do this for you?

Between 9 and 5—or whenever and wherever you get your work done—how often do you think: "Wow, this job makes me a better person. This job puts me in a positive headspace. This place creates positive and engaging products that I'm proud to put my name on."

You and your work should be a two-way street. Supporting one another with passion, motivation, and ideas for success. Are your workplace, coworkers, and mission raising your positive vibrations or doubling down on the negative?

We think you get the gist by now. If it's positive, take a point. If it's negative, keep reading to learn how you can be more like Tanina by feeling less like your job is zapping your passion, motivation, and purpose, and more like a badass bursting with positivity.

Time for Some SUPERCHARGED Passion Planning!

Alright, so just to review: if you felt impassioned about your company's mission, you gave yourself a point; if you felt that your team was just as passionate and positive as you are, you took another point; if you found that your work was making you an even more UNSTOPPABLE, positive, passionate force, you took the third point.

If you scored three for three, we want to say congratulations! Sounds like your work sitch is on point. Take a moment to be grateful that you found your ultimate dream gig.

If you got two points out of three, reflect on the area you didn't score. Where is the passion your company? The mission? The people? The opportunity for self-improvement? Whatever is lacking, use the #ThisWeekIWill tool below to make changes in that area so that your job is a three-for-three passion point knock out!

If your current gig scored one or none passion might be time to make some big changes. Reflect on what's missing. Decide (using the #ThisWeekIWill action plan) if there are real steps you can take to create the workplace of your dreams.

If not...freshen up that resume. Follow up on some tempting job leads. Polish up your profile by updating your LinkedIn photo. It's time to celebrate you by making some real changes and embracing the passionate #boss persona that's been begging to come out and play!


Are you finally ready to live passion before paycheck?! Then it's time you click "I'm Ready to Take Action" below and get our #ThisWeekIWill Boost Worksheet and IG story to better plan your passion. You'll thank us later.


Wait...there's more!

You didn't think we'd leave you hanging just yet, did you? No way! We've still got a little more passion planning to do!

If your daily life is filled with passionless people who seem to suck positivity from every room they enter, then boy do you need to take this next passion planning step! Visit and sign up to be a part of our inner circle of passionate people. Our SUPERCHARGED Boost Friends community is full of the positive people that your life has been missing.

In the words of the #boss herself, Kwanza Jones,

"You gotta have a positive outlook, a positive mindset, and you need to associate with positive people too!"

And this is your personal invitation to do just that.

So why wait a second longer? Your new, passionate life awaits.

Until next time, Boost Friend!

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