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2 Simple Things You Need To Succeed At Work

Welcome back to Episode 7 of Successful at SUPERCHARGED! Today, our very own Video team member, Kathria "Ria" Tízon, is going to give you an inside look at the magic that happens behind the scenes at SUPERCHARGED. So grab a mug and some biscuits because we got the inside scoop on what it takes to be the strong, persistent, and successful individual you’re meant to be!


Focus + Challenge = Growth

We know there isn't *really* a formula to success, but just hear us out for a'll be happy you did. If you hope to grow into that unstoppable success story on your vision board, you'll need two things: focused passion and a willingness to learn.

Think about it. What makes you tick? What gets you excited? What's that one thing you're always coming back to and can't let go of? And more importantly, are you willing to put your pride aside so that you can learn and grow?

Remember, Boost one is perfect, no one knows everything, and sh*t happens. It’s time to take Ria's advice: stop letting roadblocks ruin your plans and start using them to your advantage.

Ria did...will you?

Are You a Team Player?

There are some harsh realities that you might have to fess up to if you're hoping to make some big career moves. The first of many being...are you truly a team player? In this episode, Ria talks about her days working in the food industry to pay her own way through school. From this experience, she not only became a #Boss, independent woman but she also discovered the importance of teamwork. If just one member of the kitchen drops the ball, then chaos can ensue.

Let's check in with you again. Are you the type that can handle working and communicating with others for the greater good? Or are you still trying to be the only person who shines in front and center?

As Ria says, “You can get bitter, or you can get better." Being on a team is no time for jealousy or competition. There will always be someone who is better than you.

Make sure you're making the right choices each day in your personal relationships with your team. Are you willing to learn from others and grow like Ria did, or will you let your self-sabotaging behaviors get the best of you?

Your Turn!

Okay, Boost Friends, here's your chance to put what you learned from Ria into practice. If you’ve been following our series, then you’d know that we always come through with a little action for you. Why? Because we want to boost you to be the best that you can be!


Get one step closer to success with our #ThisWeekIWill boost worksheet and IG Story Template. These 2 resources will help you put Ria’s tips into practice so that you can find your focus and hit new levels this week!

Wondering why we've been going on and on about how teamwork makes the dream work? Well, that's because the best part of being on a team is the connections you get to make with other AMAZING people.

Whether it's learning from their mistakes or sharing some #RealTalk over happy hour martinis, there is no replacement for good people in life and in your career. We're here to give you the best news yet. We're giving you the chance to access our SUPERCHARGED Boost Friend Community. Say goodbye to toxic work relationships or unmotivated friends.

We can guarantee that Boost Friends are SUPERCHARGED with inspiration, focus, and persistence...three traits that Ria would agree stand between the average joe and high-level achievers.

So what are you waiting for? Visit us at, and apply to be a part of our inclusive yet exclusive network.

Your new and improved social circle awaits.

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