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Ignite Your Inner Creativity

3 Ways To Ignite Your Inner Creativity & Be Aligned With Your True Self


What's happening, SUPERCHARGED fam? Today, we've got an absolute treat in store for you with the 10th episode of Successful at SUPERCHARGED. We're talking to our incredible designer, Renato Bodeman, about his motivations and inspirations. We challenge you not to look at the world like one big dance party when he's done.

Have you ever battled #ImposterSyndrome or worried that you just won't be able to do the job? Or maybe you think that who you are is holding you back?

Real talk: friends don't let friends trash themselves, so we're not going to let you do that.

Never let ANYTHING dim your shine! Instead, listen to your #BoostFriend Renato as he talks about how you can dance with your doubts and create beautiful art.

If You Want To Be Creative, Surround Yourself With Creativity

We're #Blessed that Renato is as open and vibrant as his design work. He opens up to us about growing up in Brazil and his incredible grandfather who inspired him to study design. His pursuit of art and love later led him to Texas. Laying it all on the table, Renato talks us through his favorite ways to keep creating and the importance to keep dancing.

In this episode, Renato talks about the challenges of moving to the U.S. and how important it was in helping him embrace his identity. Rather than letting himself be guided by fear, Renato allows his flame to burn brightly, even in the face of doubt.

While Renato pursued his design through his education, we can't help but appreciate how much of his greatness comes from seeing the world around him. From his days working in a Sao Paolo agency to his life at SUPERCHARGED, Renato's inspiration always comes down to giving back. How can he make people happier? How can he uplift people's lives? This is the message that's stronger than any of his doubts or fears.

By opening himself up to people, Renato is committed to #LifelongLearning. It's not your job to be an expert on everything, but you can open yourself up to continually learning, growing, and doing better.

The moral of Renato's story? The work needs to get done, so figure it out. Instead of blocking yourself by thinking, “I can't,” what might you achieve if you start telling yourself… “I can, and I WILL”?

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Whether it's dancing to the music in his head or creating the incredible design for Kwanza’s private jet, Renato is proof that who you are is as important as what you do. In Renato's own words, “doubt is always going to be there; your job is to stop it from mattering.” It's okay to put yourself out there. It's okay to be extra. You don't have to hide behind what people expect. So, Boost Friends, let's turn it over to you.

Who are you, really? Who is that person in you who needs to be let out to play a little? That would be you every day if YOU weren't holding yourself back. Now's the time to let yourself get a little bit of that spotlight. For Renato, that's designing a life full of glitter, colors, brightness, and dancing—seriously, he is ALWAYS dancing—then the magic of the universe takes over. By being true to himself, Renato found a community of people who love him for who he is.

What does your designed life look like? It's okay if you're an introvert or prefer to be the one shining the light. Be true to who YOU are and let your personal authenticity be something that you celebrate instead of being ashamed to let people in.

Write down four or five ways you'd get down with your inner self. What does that dream world look like? For Renato, it was marrying his love, creating a world of Brazilian-Texas fusion, and making art that gives people joy.

Don't Ask For Permission

This is about YOU getting to define yourself without any restrictions. What makes you happy and how can you do MORE OF THAT? Now, are you ready for your #PersonalDevelopmentChallenge?

Writing these things down isn't enough here at SUPERCHARGED. We all know that you are what you how can you schedule 10, 15, or 30 minutes a day to let your authentic self out? It might be giving yourself a 15-minute dance break between work. Or putting aside a couple of hours a week to engage with your hobby that you never seem to find time for.

You won’t get that time if you have to ask for it. It's up to you to make your time work so that you can be true to yourself.


Ready to crush this week’s action challenge?
Ignite your creativity by putting Renato’s 3 tips into practice.


Like Renato says, “the new is always scary, but you have to be open to learning and going through it.” It's a lesson to be learned.

So if you're feeling motivated but need a helping hand, then we got you. Head on over to so that we can make this official. When you're busy doubting yourself, you need a circle of people who will uplift you every step of the way.

Are you in? one succeeds alone, and you’ve got a whole crew of people rooting for you all the way!

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