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Your Comfort Zone Might Be Your Biggest Downfall

Your Comfort Zone Might Be Your Downfall


Hustle. Step outside your comfort zone. Be true to yourself. These would be the three key mantras of Naveen’s life path.

Boost Friend™, you KNOW this wouldn’t be a Successful at SUPERCHARGED episode if we didn’t give you the tea on where our team members came from, their mindsets, and how they got to be the SUPERCHARGED bada$$es they are today. So how did Naveen go from doing what others wanted to doing what he loved anyway? Buckle up to find out because this is a story filled with a whole lot of heart, plenty of hustle, and some BIG risk-taking!

DON'T: People Please

Growing up in Chicago to Indian immigrant parents, Naveen was raised with the pressure of being a doctor. Even though he recognized and loved his creative side, it was clear to him that his parents had other plans.

But did Naveen give up on his passions just cuz someone told him to? Hell to the No! He continued DJing and running a graphic design business on the side, while still attending pre-med school to please his parents.

After two years of juggling his ideal life with that of his parents, Naveen FINALLY decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH. He sat down to have the dreaded conversation with his parents that would change his life. This WASN'T what he wanted. Naveen DIDN'T want to wake up in the morning like “sh*t, I gotta do this again?"

Was the conversation terrifying? YES. Did he let down other people's expectations of him? OF COURSE. But at the end of the day, did Naveen do what was right for him? ABSOLUTELY.

Listen up, people-pleasers! You might be a young Naveen RN—just one tough conversation away from the life you deserve. And you know what we have to say about that? Shut that -ish down so you can start leveling up! Can we get an AMEN?

DO: Hustle

Without the prospect of a "steady, traditional" career, what was Naveen to do? Well, like any Boost Friend—aka. your best friend and mentor rolled into one—he put his head down and went to #WERK!

He started his own graphic design business, DJ’d at clubs on the weekend, and basically started CREATING and MANIFESTING the life he wanted. He made the creative life he had been dreaming of by saying N-O to being a doctor and Y-E-S to his passion.

DON'T: Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Naveen was financially comfortable and living out his passions as a career. Everything was perfect...right? WRONG! Naveen quickly realized that there was still one last step left to his self-growth journey: to prove that he could do it all on his own. He had to jump out of his nest, his comfort zone, spread his wings, and try to fly. Cuz even if he fell, at least he was one step closer to independence than before.

With a whole lot of doubt from his parents and fear of the unknown, Naveen packed his bags, left behind his graphic design and DJ connects, and moved 2,000 miles away from his family to LA.

"Coming to LA, I knew I had to start over...and give it my all." Even though that meant eating ramen and starting from the bottom.

At this point in the process, lots of y'all are probably wondering, "Naveen! Why start over? Why risk it all? Why go back to level 0 when things were going okay in the windy city?"

Well, it's all cuz Naveen didn't want to settle, he wanted it ALL. And he had #faith in the fact that sometimes you have to level down to level up. He took the risk and left his comfort zone. He struggled for a little while, and then he found his SUPERCHARGED teamily!

DO: Surround Yourself with People who Support your Goals!

At his interview for a graphic design position with SUPERCHARGED, Naveen took yet another risk. He told the interview team, including SUPERCHARGED CEO Kwanza Jones, that as much as he loved and was capable of graphic design, he had another passion

You know what his brand new teamily did?  They didn't tell him, "Ok...but this is a graphic design position." Without hesitation, they Skyped in the head of the music team. Because #REAL Boost Friends support you and your goals no matter what. They don't shut you down or decide what's best for you. They help you #MakeItHappen, and THAT'S the kind of support we all need and deserve!

P.S. this might be a good time to ask yourself...are you surrounded by people who see and support your potential, or toxic energy-zappers who are only out for themselves? If you chose the know what to do.



Stop staying comfortable and start taking risks. The life you've dreamed of may only be one tough decision away! Create and commit to an action plan that puts YOU and YOUR GOALS first with our #ThisWeekIWill action planner!

DON'T: Think You've Learned it All

Alright, alright, Naveen stopped people-pleasing, hustled with his passions, and got his dream job in LA. That's the end of his Successful at SUPERCHARGED story...right?

NOPE! Like any true growth-minded individual, there's something else that Naveen knows and lives by: he's NEVER done learning. He's always picking the brains of his team members to constantly become better than he was the day before.

Now it might be time to ask yourself: Have you settled into your comfort zone? Have you stopped leveling up? If so, you might wanna take a note from Naveen's playbook because that's the type of #BOSS Boost Friend you want (and need) in your corner!

And speaking of #Boss Boost Friends, we think it's time you become one. Cuz if you had the dedication and determination to make it all the way to the end of Naveen's story, then you've got the vibe that our Boost Friends community is looking for. Apply to be a Boost Friend here so that you can join our network of positive go-getters who don't take average for an answer!

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