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Kwanza’s Keys to Success and Service


Hey Boost Friends!

Welcome back to another episode of Successful At SUPERCHARGED®, where we let you in on what fuels our talented team members to achieve their goals and how their backgrounds shaped their success. We’re transparent and understand that sharing the insider info to help you along the way can make a biiig difference! So if you’re feeling a lil unmotivated right now or not too sure about your next move, don’t sweat it! We’re here to help you help yourself - and you’re already doing a pretty damn good job by coming to the right place.

In our regular fashion, we had an inspiring chat with our very own Founder & CEO, Kwanza Jones, who shared the driving force to her success. This billionaire badass’ story is one full of determination, confidence, service and uh, family meetings?!

How did Kwanza’s upbringing and life experience shape her views of success?

Kwanza, who has always been a source of inspiration to the entire SUPERCHARGED team, credits her upbringing and family values in shaping how she sees and achieves success in the many roles she takes on. Always encouraged to use that success and experience to help others, Kwanza created the SUPERCHARGED Boost Friends™ community so that like-minded people can connect and build each other up. Oh and get this…you could totally join as well, check out to be a part of our digital community of goal-getters.

When it comes to success, Kwanza’s story is ongoing and all about that lifelong learning. Education is extremely valuable to the boss lady! Ready to do some learning of your own?

Here are some of Kwanza’s Keys to Success

Own your power; Live Your Purpose!

Listening to Kwanza, it’s easy to see that she’s at a place where she’s really found her voice and OWNED her power. We all have a purpose and a voice. Whether you’re outspoken or more of an introvert, you still have that power within you. Believe it or not, Kwanza considered herself to be a reserved person. Even then, she was able to make purposeful moves and be part of change.

Her parents can be thanked for being a big part of the reason she became so outspoken since they raised her with a winning mindset. They would host weekly family meetings where each member would have a voice, a vote, discuss their future plans and goals. Kwanza would even take meeting minutes (we totally see why she’s got her sh*t together).

As much as it’s easy to tell you to use your voice, we understand that opportunities in life can be affected by how we look - the color of our skin and where we were born. It can be harder to amplify your voice when you look a certain way and are silenced because of it. Staying focused on the fact that you’re so much more powerful than you think really helps navigate this. When you feel like your voice or opinions don’t matter - THEY ALWAYS DO! You have infinite purpose and bring so much to the table just by being you.

Be Of Service - What It Really Means To Help Others

Kwanza wears many hats and has achieved a lot throughout her lifetime, but being able to give back is what really makes her feel successful. Being involved is second nature to her and philanthropy and service is high up on her list of priorities.

How you understand and value service has a lot to do with how you were raised. Your lens of service is definitely shaped by the things you witnessed growing up and the values that were instilled. Both of her parents come from big families who did a lot for each other, so these values were passed down to her and her siblings. Having a supportive community growing up has also played a big part in how Kwanza views service. We all have different upbringings and may not share the same values, but she firmly believes in using your success to help others.

Since college, Kwanza has been involved in many things and being purpose-driven is something she heavily focuses on in her day-to-day life. Not only does having a similar mindset keep you in check, but makes you remember that we are part of a much greater whole and big or small, we can make a difference. It’s not just about what you can do, but what you can do to help others.

When you think about all of the things the people before us have done to make our lives better today, it’s easy to understand the importance of service. When Kwanza sees herself as part of the expansiveness of everything, she realizes how enormous the world is and so she cannot operate small.

Have the Right Perception of Yourself

Our perceptions influence us in a major way. It’s important to have both self and social awareness. This means to understand yourself and understand how others see you.

At the end of the day, the most important opinion you should have is the one of yourself, everyone else’s is just background noise. When we let others define us, we lose track of what’s important. As Kwanza says, “The only perspective and perception that can limit you is the perception you have of yourself” and we couldn’t agree more!

Remember, if you don’t like the perception you have of yourself, you can change at any moment or any time. You can create something different and new. Just because something is a certain way doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. You gotta be setting your own bars.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail, But Pick It Right Back Up!

Yes, success is the destination, but the journey is never a simple one. When you see people that are winning, it’s easy to think that that’s all they do, but a big part of success is failure. As Kwanza says, “Success comes with work, success comes with struggle, success comes with failure.” What’s important is not the focus on what you don’t have or didn’t achieve, but how to grow from it and what to do next when feeling stuck or in a dark place.

When sh*t falls apart, just pick it right back up again and keep on moving!


Action Speaks Louder

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A Gentle Reminder…

Before you go, here’s a lil reminder for you.

Success is ongoing and can look different at different stages of your life. Never lose sight of your goals and what’s important. By joining our SUPERCHARGED Boost Friends community, you get daily motivation and support from goal-driven individuals who apply Kwanza’s Keys to their lives. Apply at today. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the #ThisWeekIWill challenge to move from inspiration to action. Enough talk, let’s make it happen!

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