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The One Life-Changing Piece of Advice You’ve Been Missing


"This too shall pass." We know you've heard it before, but you've never heard it like this. Today, in Episode 9 of Successful at SUPERCHARGED, we sat down with our Biz Dev Rep, Jo Smith, to find out how this one piece of life-changing advice has helped her overcome challenges time and time again.

Like all of us, Jo has sure had her fair share of dark moments. From her mom's health struggles to discovering that her childhood dream of being a doctor wasn't truly right for her, Jo is no stranger to self-doubt. What Jo does have to set her apart is a #Boss mindset to conquer it all.

Keep reading if you want to find out how you can be more like Jo—a growth mindset guru with a contagiously positive attitude.

3 Reasons Why "This Too Shall Pass" is Life-Changing Advice

1) It Gets You Through the Hard Times

Every time the Universe faces Jo with a challenge, she doesn't curl up in a ball and surrender or play the victim card. On the contrary, she harnesses even more power by reminding herself, "this is temporary." When she stayed up late at night in her teens caring for her mother, what did Jo tell herself? "This is temporary." When she dropped out of med school to find a career that better aligned with her purpose, what
did she tell herself? "This is temporary." When she would come home after an 18-hour day full of work, classes, and internships, what did she tell herself? ... We think you get the point by now.

So let us ask you...when times are tough, are you keeping yourself motivated to push through with positive affirmations like Jo? Or are you focusing on the negative and refusing to manifest and take action towards the amazing life you deserve? Dig deep and answer honestly because a small attitude adjustment like this can be the difference
between #SurvivingEveryday and #ThrivingEveryday.

2) It Empowers You To Take Leaps of Faith

When Jo was offered a position that would have increased her salary to an all-time personal high, she said NO. Why? Because her this-is-temporary mantra gave her the confidence to know that something more aligned with her purpose would come along. Did turning down this opportunity mean she'd stay in a lower paying position for a little bit longer? Yes. Did turning it down mean she was scared that nothing better would come along? Absolutely. Nevertheless, knowing that all things in life are temporary, Jo was able to say "no" to a 6 /10 job opportunity and hold out for the 10/10 that was on its way!

Do you have that kind of patience and self-assurance? Can you allow "this too shall pass" to guide you to the empowering life you deserve? With a little bit of practice and a whole lot of faith, we think you can. But TBH, that doesn't mean a whole lot...because YOU have to KNOW you can!

3) It Gives You the Confidence You Need to Trust the Universe's Plan

"I don't need validation. And you don't either. You're already validated." Kwanza Jones walked into Jo's entry-level job, looked into her eyes, and declared these words when Jo asked her if she'd like to validate her parking. At this point in time, the two were strangers...but obvi it didn't stay that way for long.

You see...Jo took Kwanza's response as a sign from the Universe that something AMAZING was about to come;she just had to be patient. Jo was able to maintain her self-worth and peace of mind with her fav mantra: "This is temporary." She knew Kwanza wasn't just talking about parking. She was reminding Jo that if she stayed in her temporary situation for just a little bit longer, it would pay off soon...and BOY
was she right!

When's the last time you took a sign from the Universe and ran with it? Even though the boring day-to-day realities of life can drag you down, don't forget: it's only temporary. Keep your eyes open for reminders from the Universe that are DYING to remind you,

"Better days are on their way...this is only temporary."

Put Your Manifesting Where Your Mouth Is

The TLDR version of this Successful at SUPERCHARGED story is that Jo didn't just wait for something better to come along. Yes, she knew her situation was temporary, but she always kept her sights set on the future at the same time. She kept her dreams in the forefront of her mind and never lost focus.

So now, Boost Friend, it's your turn. Grab a pen and paper—or a phone if that's your style—and write down everything in your life that you're ready to change. Whether it's that cramped apartment that's ruining your peaceful vibe, a stressful work environment that's zapping your energy, or a toxic relationship that just keeps asking and never gives...write it down. Write it all down.

Notice the negative vibrations that these undesirable (but temporary) situations bring to your body, then say out loud and proud: "This is temporary. This too shall pass. I am on my right path."

Take charge of your own life by saying these words with the confidence you deserve while visualizing your ideal situation, and most importantly, taking action towards what you want. Are you living in your dream house on the beach? Are you the CEO of your own company? Are you single, confident, and in control? Whatever you have your sights set on, let the positive feelings of these visions fill you up...and then come back down to Earth and make an inspired game plan.

What little steps can you take today...tomorrow...this week...and this month to make those visions a reality? Is it looking at three housing listings per day? Is it having a heart-to-heart with a coworker? Is it finally cutting that toxic force out of your life once and for all? Whatever it is, write down your plan, sign it and date it. This isn't just your "To-Do List." This is a contract for self-improvement.



Are you up for the challenge? Put your visualizing into practice with our Action Challenge for you this week.

Oh Yeah...Just One More Thing…

While you've still got that pen or phone in your hand, we invite you to jot down just one more thing: What's that exactly? Your ticket to level up!

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You can thank us later,

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