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5 Virtual Holiday Company Party Ideas to Host During COVID

The SUPERCHARGED crew is still working from home this December. And, like many people, we’re tackling ways to boost morale, especially around my favorite time of year...the holiday season! If you know anything about our company culture, you can most likely guess how crazy our company parties can get! Last year, we went to Speed Zone LA and let our competitive spirits fly. We opened the invite to our team’s family and friends, raced go-karts, battled it out in the arcade, and exchanged white elephant gifts.

This year is going to look just a tad different. But hey, at least you can stay in your sweatpants! We wanted to bring a positive spin to the end of a challenging year and brainstorm some creative ways to bring our team together to celebrate, reminiscence, and not take ourselves so seriously!

If you’re a team lead, managing director, or CEO and looking for some creative ways to celebrate your team with a holiday party during COVID, I’ve got some virtual holiday company party ideas for you in this blog post!

Send Out A Party In A Box

Before we get this party started, let’s make sure your team has all of the necessary party essentials! Put together mailers ahead of time and ship out a box full of fun that your team members will need for your corporate holiday party. Some ideas to include in your holiday boxes: ingredients for a cocktail, a fun hat to show-off on Zoom, candy, snacks, a virtual holiday party bingo card, and holiday socks!

Idea #1: Dance Battle

Once your team has their boxes in hand, it’s time to turn on those Zoom cameras because it’s about to get spicey in here! First-up on our holiday party list is a dance battle, or as we like to call it...a movement boost challenge! This is a great way to help people loosen up and get out of their comfort zones. For those who may need a little extra help shaking off their nerves, don’t forget to include some liquid courage in their party box just in case!

Split your team up into groups of 2-6 people, and assign each team a song to choreograph a dance to. Don’t worry, you can limit the dance to 20-30 seconds so that it doesn’t get too crazy! Each group will turn on their Zoom cameras while the rest of the team watches. At the end of the party, everyone will cash in their votes for the team who gave the best movement boost—no sneaking in votes for your own team either!

For some dance inspo and a holiday boost for your party, check out our playlist The Ultimate SUPERCHARGED Holiday Party!

Idea #2: Ugly Sweater Contest

Dip into the competitive and creative nature of your team by challenging everyone to take part in an Ugly Sweater Contest. If your team is anything like the team at SUPERCHARGED, we’re feisty, competitive and we go all in when the word “competition” is mentioned. With this party idea, encourage everyone to show off their ugliest fit on camera and drop in their votes to a Google Form for tallying. Worst dressed takes home a prize!

holiday company party ideas

Idea #3: Secret Santa

This virtual holiday party idea is great for smaller teams or even your circle of Boost Friends. Mix-up everyone’s name in a hat, and assign out “Secret Santas” to everyone on the team. Make sure no one draws themselves. Set a limit for the gift amount and bonus points if your company can fund it! Encourage colleagues to pick out a gift and either have it shipped or dropped off to their front porch. Read this detailed guide for hosting virtual Secret Santa.

Idea #4: Cookie Decorating

This one has creative teams written all over it! Imagine challenging a team of designers and creatives to a cookie decorating contest. Add a sugar cookie decorating kit to your Party in a Box and host a real-time cookie decorating contest! The challenge will be held in 3 rounds: 30 seconds, 2 minutes and 5 minutes.

Idea #5: Bonding Over Giving

Giving back is one of my biggest passions, so I naturally had to dedicate a section in this blog. There are so many people in need, especially vulnerable communities that have been affected by the pandemic. After COVID hit this year, I co-founded LA Tech Cares, a donation-based organization that raises money to provide high-speed Internet access to underserved students in Los Angeles. I encourage your team to reserve a section of your virtual holiday party during COVID to focus on giving back. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Send your team stationary, and spend 10 minutes of your party writing Christmas cards to senior citizens or soldiers.

Adopt a Salvation Army Angel, and break-out into shopping teams to brainstorm gifts to donate. I recommend funding activities that require spend.

Host a “silent” virtual auction. Colleagues can auction off their skills, like signing a Christmas song for $5. Bonus props if you choose my new song, like “Christmas with Friends!”

Here's How To Do It:

Simply start a Google Sheet, then have your colleagues write the skill or item they want to auction off at the top of the column. Bidders will open the Google Sheet and bid money on that particular offering. Don’t worry, you can’t cheat because Google Sheets show full revision history! Your company can then take the money raised and donate it to organizations like LA Tech Cares that help those who have been affected by COVID.

The party doesn’t stop there! If you’re looking for more fun ideas for your virtual holiday party along with additional resources to support your team, then join the SUPERCHARGED Boost Friends Community.

Here at SUPERCHARGED HQ, we are keeping up this exciting energy by sprinkling team bonding events throughout December! I’m even challenging the SUPERCHARGED team to create a singalong music video to my new single, “Christmas With Friends,” and you can join too! Visit for info on how to submit.

holiday company party ideas

That's A Wrap of Holiday Company Party Ideas!

I hope this blog sparked some inspiration for your 2020 corporate virtual holiday party! As a CEO and team leader, I know how difficult this year has been for professionals as we have adjusted to a work-from-home lifestyle. Let’s slow down and take time to celebrate each other because there “ain’t no party like a Boost Friend party cause a Boost Friend party don’t stop!” Implement these holiday company party ideas at your next corporate party!

Who loves you? I do!

Bye for now,

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