You have the potential to be more and do more. Check out some of the events and community engagements we have been a part of.

SBKJ Weekly Webinar - From Space to Opportunity to Action

Webinar: Level Up Your Life- From Space to Opportunity to Action!

Monday, March 30th, 2020 | 04:00 PM

Does COVID-19 have you stressing about what comes next? Unemployment rates skyrocketing… Navigating anxiety and uncertainty… Bracing for more unknown challenges…

Here’s what’s certain… NOTHING. But, you can still be proactive, not reactive in times like this.

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Webinar - Maintain Your Greatness When Sh*t Hits the Fan

Webinar: Maintain Your Greatness When Sh*t Hits The Fan

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 | 12:30 PM

How’s that social distancing going? We get it. Things have been far from business as usual. Don’t worry. Your boost friends at SUPERCHARGED have got your back!

Instead of our usual IRL community event, we’re hosting our first-ever Queen Moves Only webinar led by our Founder & CEO Kwanza Jones. This interactive webinar will cover the nitty-gritty on what you should do to keep making Queen Moves Only, even when sh*t hits the fan.

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Live Podcast Recording of I AM SUPERCHARGED with Kwanza Jones

Friday, September 27th, 2019 | 12:00 PM

Kwanza Jones joined 4 incredible panelists for a live recording of the I AM SUPERCHARGED with Kwanza Jones Podcast. This episode featured a discussion on how having a growth mindset is essential in developing ourselves and our community. Proceeds benefited United Way of Greater LA who aim to create change by breaking the cycle of poverty.

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Boost Your Power: A Conversation on Women’s Rights

Friday, July 19th, 2019 | 07:30 PM

Kwanza Jones joined Sylvia Ghazarian, Executive Director of the Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP) for a live recording of the I AM SUPERCHARGED with Kwanza Jones Podcast! This special edition podcast was a conversation on women’s rights in our nation today. Proceeds benefitted WRRAP, a national non-profit that directly supports clinics who offer services to women seeking abortions and emergency contraceptives. We are very proud to support the powerful work of this organization.

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